MSFS 2020 Support Update 08.01.2021

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    Thanks, will check it out.

    As for VR, it totally changes the sensation of flight simulation in a way you can’t achieve in any other way. At least not with the same budget and space available. Have been flying exclusively in VR for years now and wouldn’t even consider going back to a 2D screen again for flight simulation.

    This isn’t the place for discussing VR but I hope I’ll be forgiven for posting two YouTube links I recently watched where a pilot with 7000+ hours in various aircraft models try out VR. Quite interesting to hear what he has to say about it.

    Also, in a way VR IMO ties in to the same thing Brunner hardware is offering – a more realistic experience. Having the sensation of actually being inside the aircraft you’re “flying” rather than watching it on a flat 2D screen in front of you. While you at the same time feel realistic forces when holding the Brunner yoke for example in your hands. And this now combined with the amazing visuals in MSFS2020. Absolutely amazing!!

    Rough times in the world right now but certainly good times for all of us enjoying flight simulation! When we’re able to lay our hands on the hardware we want/need that is…

    Here are the clips I was referring to. The same guy also has lots of other good stuff on his channel which I think many in here would appreciate as much as I do. Short and quick tutorials which get right to the point without all the bla-bla often found in many other similar video clips.



    Thanks, great vids – and couldn’t agree more, I think VR + Brunner is set to be a killer combo. But I only experienced it in what looks like 240p so far ;(



    One thing I’ve noticed in MSFS2020 regardless what aircraft I’m flying, it has a tendency to bank to the right if I let go of the yoke (CLS-E).

    Anyone else seen this? Would be interesting to know if it’s a Brunner or MSFS thing.



    Hi there – new CLS-E owner here and loving the yoke! I noticed that as well… I use XP11 for instrument training and msfs2020 for VRF and fun. I noticed the same banking to the right with MSFS2020 and not with XP11…



    Thanks for sharing and good to know it’s not just me.

    Fact is, when I was just flying the Bonanza G36 with the mod for it applied, I didn’t experience this issue as bad as earlier. As I’ve said, I’ve seen this with many (most) aircraft but seems like the G36 is slightly better and more stable in this regard.

    This to me makes me think it’s mostly a MSFS issue with many of the default aircraft. Maybe Diego or Stefan could comment on this?



    I just had a short flight to look at this – it wasn’t something that I’d noticed before as I tend to use the autopilot a lot but when I flew without the AP just now I did notice the same thing – a slow roll to the right.

    So I disconnected the yoke/rudder – same roll to the right. Then I thought to check the turn co-ordinator and it was indeed out of balance. Applying the correct amount of rudder either manually or with rudder trim solved it.

    Might this be what you’re experiencing – maybe have a look at the turn/slip indicator? Different levels of thrust require different amounts of rudder trim to keep in balance I think. Maybe MSFS models it differently to XP?



    That’s good input, will check it out next time.




    Hi All,

    I have a problem with the autopilot in MSFS. It seems that it not translates to the axes correctly. In other words I see the yoke moving one way in the simulator and the other way on my NG yoke. Any thoughts? I an using the default settings in CSL2 for the Autopilot. seems to work ok in XP11.

Viewing 8 posts - 136 through 143 (of 143 total)

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