MSFS 2020 Support Update 08.01.2021

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    Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing the CLSE MK2 yoke and rudders for MSFS 2020. I’ve been thinking about it for a while as I recently sold my CH Yoke/Rudder pedals. After going through this thread and others on the Brunner Forum site, I don’t see a lot of timely responses from Brunner on issues people are having. With that said, can anyone tell me if all the designed capabilities of the yoke and rudder are working in MSFS 2020? If not, which ones are not working? Just trying to see if it’s worth going force feedback vs going with something like a Yoko yoke and perhaps Thrustmaster rudder pedals.

    Thank you




    it’s complicated.



    I must write, i am more and more under the impression MSFS2020 wasn’t ready for the public release yet. Even after the patches MS released, the planes still react strange sometimes, unexpectedly. That seems to me that MSFS isn’t ready yet to run a stable game environment.

    I have a CLS-E mk2 yoke and rudder, and both work perfectly fine in Xplane.



    It’s definitely a valid question, to ask what the developers intend for the software.

    As of right now, I’d call it a survey or framiliarization type of simulator, which is a valid and important niche to continue developing. It’s also an entertainment product, and focusing on the entertainment value is likewise important.

    But are they intending to support study level add-ons, or commercial use as a certified training device, for example? That’s more getting into the area where control loading seems like a higher priority.

    When tens of thousands of users want to pay for prettier buildings, thousands are spreading memes about gaping holes in Brazil, and several hundred are demanding an exacting simulation of the Goodyear Blimp… I can understand that satisfying a handful of specialized hardware owners isn’t at the top of the list.

    Sure, I’d rather have the USB rudder problem fixed. But still… who wouldn’t want to learn a blimp, land it on their home or office, bump it into historic landmarks, and try to fly it through a hurricane?



    thanks for the responses. So it sounds like it’s not worth the investment in these expensive flight products if I’m using MSFS 2020 exclusively. And the fact that there seems to be hardly any responses from Brunner to people’s questions on this site is discouraging to say the least. Again, thank you for your feedback.




    I’m guessing Brunner has to wait for responses/info/fixes done by MSFS2020/Asobo. And as dsJameyson pointed out, these are probably not high on the Asobo priority list. Which i can understand, since they have their hands full fixing the 99,99% of bugs MSFS2020 has.
    But, that’s my guess…



    We shouldn’t have to guess. Period. Not at these prices. Brunner needs to speak up.



    Hi, I have been using the clse m2 for 2 months already and yes there are some issues but they are not overweighing the huge difference to
    control the MSFS with a force feedback. It makes the game 100x more immersive. I have tried to fly again once without the force feedback and there is no way back (to non feedback device). I even postponed my PC upgrade and I play on medium quality with 5 year monitor and I am happy with the overall experience, cos I can feel the plane in my hands and not just some spring resistance. Again it is my own experience but I highly recommend it even it comes with some setting up struggles. If you need more info contact me.



    Hi, I am currently flying on MSFS with a thrustmaster cheap joystick, it’s fine for now, but I am really looking for a good yoke. I have the Brunner CLS-E NG or the Virtualfly Yoko+.

    I would really like to experience FFB on this new sim, last time was on FS2004 with my Microsoft FFB sidewinder and it was good.

    So my question is how well is the Brunner working with MSFS, will it center on both axis if no FFB supported, can I feel the force while trimming, will it react to turbulence, runway defect and others?

    I also know that Brunner is using it’s own software, but if it’s not working well, can I use ForceXP?

    Lastly, what software will I need if I am using another brand USB rudder and throttle?





    To your questions:

    1. Yes it will center on both axes. By a coincidence i forgot to connect it thru their software and i flew few moments without ffb and it acts as a regular non ffb yoke.

    2. When you trim you feel the decrease of the pressure. So you don’t actually feel force pushing you.

    3. Yes you feel turbulences bumps on a tarmac even the engine vibration all that can be adjusted intensity wise.
    As i have already said these forces might sometimes not be accurate to real world but it is progressing and worth of having ffb.

    4. I only use their soft. Dont know if the ForceXP works.

    5. Throttle is not a problem rudder is. I use Thrustmaster usb. And I set up my yoke based on the recommendation in this forum by Brunner. No autopilot feature therefore. Nevertheless i bought it cos of the ffb so i want to fly and practice landings etc so for me no problem and in future i am sure they will fix it or ill get the brunner rudder:)



    Hi David

    Thanks for your reply. 😉

    I cannot come back in Europe for the holiday, but I will in april, and will get one



    Hey folks, I updated to MSFS 2020, and the USB rudder issue appears to be improved/resolved.

    This was literally just a few minutes ago, and I haven’t tested anything more beyond noting that — figured folks following this topic would want to know.



    Not tried it yet. However, I found you can also bypass the problem entirely by using FSUIPC and assigning the rudder to that. Then use CLS2Sim as normal, and not in the workaround mode.



    Hi all
    We can confirm, USB Rudder issue is fixed since version
    Stefan Brunner



    I have been flying MSFS 2020 a lot, with the CLS rudder and stick, with no issues. Everything works, and acts as it should. I was also very skeptical about purchasing, as info is very difficult to find, but I do not regret it one bit. They are great pieces of hardware. My one nitpick is that for whatever reason, the elevator droops in the wrong direction at rest, so the stick ends up in your lap instead of pushing away from you.

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