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    I do own the CLS-E yoke and rudder hardware

    I am trying to create a 737 profile as close as possible to the real thing experience.

    On the real aircraft, the takeoff process requires a larga amount of pull on the pitch to start rotating, once airborne and speeding, the pitch comes very sensitive and very litle input is required to place the nose up/down as required.

    At present time a tiny bit of pull on the pitch makes the aircraft rotate because pitch output is totally linear no matter the IAS. You do not get the pull pull pull and keep pulling experience required to put the aircraft to the climb. Feels like a cessna.

    tried the default axis range non-linear output, it improves takeoff experience a lot, but it leads to another problem, once the aircraft is speeding it requires a large pull to pitch up/down because it doesn’t account for speeding.

    Found a tab/checkbox to enable “non linear output by speed” but it is limited to -100 knots max- which is not near enough for airliners, you get 100% linear response still on the ground. Is it possible to increase this value to 300/350 knots max to have a better range to play with?

    I am open to new proposals how to overcome this as well


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