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    I have got a great offer for buy the units in the Tiltle 🙂
    The seller was typing this bellow (I need to get a reply for this before the bought :))

    “You should check with Brunner and ProSim that you will be able to enjoy the Force Feedback.

    Last time I used my Brunner stuff with ProSim and MSFS, there was no force feedback.
    Today force feedback is supported with MSFS BUT I don’t know if it works with ProSim (I just tried them with a pair of stock aircrafts, a JustFlight PA28 and an IndiaFoxEcho MB339).

    As you know ProSim strongly recommands to set your flight controls DIRECTLY inside ProSim. Brunner stuff works with the proprietary software CLS2Sim that directly interacts with the simulator in use (FSX, P3D, X-Plane or MSFS).

    What is your comment, will I enjoy FFB with Prosim and the Brunner units?

    Best regards Fredrik
    I’ll be happy to sell you my yoke and rudder BUT I don’t want you to be disappointed. My comment apply to new models MKII too 😉

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