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    What can one do when he/she doesn’t have the computer skills to make a profile? I am at the age that I can’t foresee the ability to create a profile. As a case in point, I fly the RealAir Turbine Duke quite a lot, and none of the profiles fit it exactly enough. Maybe one of you guys have the Duke and would be willing to share?
    Stefan created a few good ones when I first bought the yoke, the Phenom 300 works great as does the Beech Baron.

    Any ideas? I’ll check this forum again. Greetings to all from North Carolina “first in flight”.



    Look for the closest aircraft in nature and speed. look for a similar profile GA and start from there.



    Thanks “blaser”, looks like i need to do a bit of research.



    I have the Honeycomb yoke and it is very nice but hardy in the same “Class” as the CLS-E NG. Since so many have chimes in here, I was hoping you all would offer to assist me when I purchase my CLS-E NG? As nice as the Alpha yoke is I will sell it to buy the Brunner, and maybe even the Peddles. Do I have your support – fellow Simmers?

    Picture of my rig attached





    I want to purchase both the yoke and rudder. I am write this here hoping to garner the direction of Brunner with the two yikes they have on the market and want to know if both will be supported. I’d the NG going take over the original CLS-E or both units a mainstay of product offerings? With that said, one user suggested going with the CLS-E as it has stronger force as well as more travel. I know it is more expensive but I want a product that will always be available and supported by Brunner. These two items will be my final purchase for my sim rig and hope you guys will offer you personal suggestions.





    Yes both unit will stay, an updated even better Version of the CLS-E yoke (stronger one) is ongoing and alsmost ready.
    Keep watching our webside for news on this

    Stefan Brunner



    Hi Stefan,

    Is there any option for upgrade for current CLS-E owners? Would you pls uncover the new specs?


    I am more than happy with the Bruner NG yoke. It a good investment. During the RAF Cosford simm show, I tries all the main yokes, and can honestly say the Brunner NG is the best. Next the Yoko, then the new Honeycombe yoke now coming out, but this is for the budget to mid price band and will no doubt see the end of The saitek yoke. One should also consider what coming out next year with Microsoft flight sim 2020. It will not make this new sim any justice using a cheap yoke like saitek. The review by Austin was no doubt geared to give general overview of each yoke. As most who have reasoned quite rightly stated that that the magic is the fine tuning of the NG. Future up-dates and firmware will also improve the yoke. But as for myself, my flying is much more precise. The 49 ins wide view monitor also helps. It is exiting times for flight simming, and equipment will only get better. We all started on the budget yokes etc, and the new honeycombe will be a fantastic starter, as it will have more bangs for bucks because the unit has switches, gear, flap, warning panel, and auto pilot panel. One can then progress to yoko or even the Brunner. Austin review of the Brunner yoke is matched by several other reviews. Collectively, there is enough info to help make up ones mind on the pros and cons of each yoke. Happy flying.



    Hi rockyrow

    Good to hear you’re enjoying your NG yoke! Ive just ordered the CLS-E MK II yoke and can’t wait for that precise level of control.

    I’ve also recently bought the Samsung 49″ monitor, which I love but I’m not sure I’m getting the best use from it. How do you set it up – do you use multiple views? Cheers, Traffic



    Guys, multiple monitor setup in x-plane can be tricky. I have a 34” wide LG 2560×1080 flanked by two 24” standard 1080 monitors, one each side of the 34”. Adjusting the screens for accurate visuals may not be possible, at least I have not succeeded as of yet. More work on the “non-proprortional” view may be required on the outer monitors or the single 34 to get the correct layout. If any of you have found a working solution for such a setup as mine I would very much appreciate your advice.




    I am using my 49 ins as the main monitor with a second 15 ins using Air Manager for the aircraft panel. A small 10 ins monitor is then used for map or gps. I have enclosed the 49 ins within my cockpit build to eliminate any non cockpit visual distraction. To be safe I have painted the walls outside the cockpit enclosure in Matt black eliminating light bleed. I set up the 49 ins to look just over the cockpit dashboard so you can just see the front of the aircraft as one would see in a real aircraft. With a 49 ins it highly effective. It all about eliminating irrelevant non simulator visual cues to help convince your brain you are in a cockpit environment.


    Further to how I use my Samsung 49 ins monitor, I have attached some photos. Most people are inquiring as to level of realism including the realism of using Brunner yoke. Having seen and tried most yokes available I endorse the Brunner Yoke. This will cost more but the quality and force feedback is in my view worth it. As to overall realism, if one wants 100% realism then one must learn to fly a real aircraft. I guess even the most complex simulator operated by for example BA training school will compromise a little.
    Many factors go into adding to overall realism including hardware, visuals, software, cockpit rig etc. Additionally, the much anticipated Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 will take the level of realism even further based on the information now coming out. Going back to the Brunner yoke, I upgrade from my old Saitek yoke to the Brunner NG. This has been a fabulous transformation. The feedback gives a feeling of actually convincing myself I am controlling the virtual aircraft. Having said that, I am not a real pilot but did qualify as a glider (sport) pilot whilst in the army and therefore cannot be certain what is total realism. But for the people who are questioning of debating whether to take the dip and purchase a Brunner yoke, I will say, you will not be disappointed. Remember a video card can cost up to £1000 or more, so if finances are not an issue go for it.


    uploaded cockpit picture using 49ins monitor and Brunner Yoke.

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    First, thank you for your service to our country. My son is in the Air Force and I could not be more proud of him.

    Second, having flown Flight Sims since their beginning (FS, ATP, and now X-Plane) they all played a significant part in my training for my Private Pilots License in Jan 95′. With respect to Realism, Level D motion Sims are very realistic hence why the FAA has approved them for Type Rating Certification. This level of authenticity does come at a steep price and one far beyond the reach of the masses who are dedicate to Flight Sims of all types. What Brunner has done is brought the general Sim community one step closer to what it’s like to pilot a real aircraft. Having logged hundreds of hours in several Cessna, Piper and Beech Aircraft, I am thrilled to see a company like Brunner producing FFB products and can only hope they will aggressively target the Sim community with even more aggressive pricing. Further to that point, I am surprised there is not a BRUNNER DISCORD site. For me, Discord is my direct connection to all things and people in the Sim Community and a forum that would certainly boost Brunner sales. Granted these products may not be a significant part of their total revenue stream, they certainly could be. Having retired from a career in Sales and Marketing, I ascribe to the logic “I would rather make $1 ten times then $10 one time”. I see Brunner on the right track pricing their products within reach of simmers. Increasing sales pressures the competition while at the same time reduces production cost, firms up profits, and provides a level of market recognition few can compete against. Increased revenue by mass market pricing also provides the needed cash flow for even further product refinements. It’s a win/win.

    All my Sim buddies are anxiously awaiting to see my MKII and Rudder Peddles in action. In fact, two of my friends, one a pilot the other training for his PPL now, both have Yoko Yokes. Why they did not go with the NG is simple – Not enough information or user base compared to the Yoko! This Forum is TOO PRIVATE! At nearly the same price point I would not even consider the yoko over a quality FFB yoke. Marketing is key! Sending the NG to Austin and Mike Brown was a great idea BUT it should have included a detailed setup video covering all the features of the NG including how to setup and use each one. To me, this was a FREE Marketing promo poorly executed. I don’t fault Stefan I just wish more would have been done to make the promotion a success. People listen to Mike Brown because he and Austin and Buddies and who doesn’t want to have the ear of a developer – Heck, I’ve had direct discussions with Austin on 11.40 Stall issues. They are both good guys but were ill prepared to properly demo the NG. Okay, enough rambling. Glad you, like so many others, are happy with their Brunner product. Can’t wait to get mine and show all my friends what a real sim experience can be.



    Many thanks for your feedback. You are absolutely correct on the Brunner marketing strategy. I only found out about Brunner by accident. It is important that there is a choice of flight sim hardware on offer at various budgets which will allow newcomers into the hobby. Based on my hands-on during RAF Cosford sim show, the new Honeycomb Yoke and throttle units are comparative to the Saitek yoke price range but far superior. Anyway, I have no doubt you will enjoy your Brunner product.

    PS: Correction – In my cockpit photo attachment above, it is the Saitek yoke that pictured not my new Brunner NG.

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