Brunner Yoke crash dives when using Autopilot in MSFS

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    I can not use ANY autopilot function in MSFS when Brunner joke and software (CLS2Sim v4.29.3) active. Works fine with other sticks.

    When I activate the AP the aircraft rolls and dives sharply.

    I have unticked all autopilot stuff in my profile and the same issue persists. Revert to another joystick and turn off Brunner yoke software and MSFS AP works perfectly. I have had this problem since MSFS was released and thought it was a problem with MSFS up until trying a different flight control.

    I am using Stefans default Cessna Profile

    GER1104 CLSE Yoke Firmware v358.

    Just tried resetting a profile to defaults and as soon as I press the AP button it banks HARD away from the path set and inverts and dives straight down

    Please help getting very frustrated

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