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    First, a BIG Congratulations on receiving the Lufthansa training device contract! What an amazing piece of equipment. What I wouldn’t trade to have that as my Sim Pit!
    Now back to reality…
    Would it be possible to make it so you can change the simulator you’re using on the fly? The settings tab is unavailable once CLS2Sim is running. Therefore each time you want to change sims you must close CLS2Sim, restart, open settings, change sims and restart CLS2Sim. Also once changing sims, the CLS-E joystick will not auto connect as it does when you start CLS2Sim without changing settings. This may not be an issue for many people. However, as a tester for Sim Devs, I’m often changing from one sim to another.
    Also, placing the “Your CLS2Sim software is current” pop-up within the CLS2Sim Interface widow would be a nice touch versus a seperate popup.
    Just a couple thoughts.
    Thanks for the best Immersive Hardware in Simming!


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