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    I submitted a ticket on this, but I figured I’d also create a post in case anyone had any answers.

    I’ve recently purchased a CLSE Joystick base in addition to the CLSE NG Yoke which I’ve owned for several years now. However, I’ve run into a problem where the x-axis of my CLSE Joystick is not being detected in the control panel. This makes it impossible for me to set an x-axis configuration in my SPAD control manager. However, I notice in the CLS profile manager, the roll axis is being detected, so I’m unsure why this is not also being reflected in the control panel. I’d appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks!



    Any help? I have yet to receive a response to my ticket as well.



    Add me to the list. I just submitted a ticket, as my x axis is also not detected. This happened after the firmware update to v645 and switching it into directX mode



    Edit: – It was user error…. I the firmware update didnt add the correct settings, as I did not unzip the update file correctly


    I submitted a ticket on this, as my x axes is not detected, during the INiT phase, the cls II NG do its test in roll axes, only pitch axes can be observe.

    The pitch axe’s appear in the software but I can ´t see any roll axes.

    If any solution to this big issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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