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    A yoke control light training aircraft such as a Piper PA-28 has a maximum weight of about 1100 kg. The design code (CS-23) says that elevator yoke force to limit load factor must be at least weight / 10 Newtons, i.e. about 110 Newtons for a PA-28.

    Now I just saw the specs for the new CLS-E Mk II yoke. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the maximum elevator force for this device is 110 Newtons. The device can replicate the full maneuver envelope for a light training aircraft.

    But what if I want the same for a stick control aircraft such as a Robin DR400? Because it is used with one hand, stick forces can be lighter than yoke forces. CS-23 says that elevator stick force to limit load factor must be at least weight / 14 newtons, i.e. about 79 Newtons for a DR400. If the stick measures about 38 cm from pivot to center of the grip that would imply about 30 Newton meters elevator torque. Aileron torque needs to be about half of the elevator so let’s say 15 Newton meters.

    The CLS-E NG joystick is not powerful enough to add a column extension and meet this requirement. The CLS-P joystick exceeds the requirement but costs several times as much as the CLS-E Mk II yoke (I am not allowed to quote prices here).

    So here is a challenge for Brunner. Can you produce a joystick that will do for stick aircraft what the CLS-E Mk II yoke does for yoke aircraft i.e. costs less than 2,000 euros (without grip) with a max torque of 30 Nm pitch and 15 Nm roll?

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