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    1. I want to share an observation regarding CLS-E yoke. In X-Plane 11, motor and ground vibrations of yoke and rudder pedals reduce to zero as soon as the throttle is set to idle RPM i.e. 1500 RPM for Cessna 172. However, in case of P3D, motor and ground vibrations do not reduce to zero and remain as such even with throttle set to idle. As far as I understand, motor and ground vibrations are a typical feature of CLS-E yoke and rudder pedals and do not depend on flight model. Can anyone please explain this?

    2. Increasing / decreasing engine RPM which means engine power does not change intensity of motor vibrations of CLS-E yoke and rudder pedals. I believe that motor vibrations intensity should change with engine power as in case of real aircraft.

    3. Functioning of CLS-E yoke can be temporarily stopped as per requirement (e.g. when flight is paused due to any reason) by pressing Power ON/OFF button available on Yoke display. However, this does not stop rudder pedals. Is there any way to temporarily stop rudder pedals?

    4. I am using Saitek Trim wheel for trimming of elevator. The problem is that when I move trim wheel up or down, CLS-E yoke also moves along with trim wheel movement. In real aircraft, this does not happen and yoke does not move while elevator is being trimmed with trim wheel. Any solution to rectify this issue?

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