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    Already created a support ticket but might as well as in here as well.

    I’m having a problem since some time back which I think might be related to me updating firmware a couple of months ago. What I’ve seen is how the display of my CLS-E Brunner yoke every now and then after not having been used for a while (but connected to power) freezes.

    Normally, I can switch the backlight ON by pressing the middle button under the display. In the same way, I can switch the display OFF by pressing the middle button a second time. However, when I have this problem, nothing happens when pressing the middle button nor any of the other buttons under the display. Also, the display won’t come ON as it normally will when launching CLS2Sim.

    When launching CLS2Sim, the yoke itself does wake up and start moving into position. The display though remains frozen and looking in CLS2Sim, I see how the “force values” change but at the same time, none of the buttons on the yoke are recognized.

    Only way I’ve found to fix this temporarily when it happens and until it happens next time is to disconnect the yoke from the power and reconnect it.

    Obviously, I don’t know if what I’m seeing is related to updating the firmware from v350 to v387 couple of months back. However, since I haven’t seen this problem before as I can recall during all the years I had the yoke, it’s tempting to think it’s related.

    Right now, I’m thinking of trying to downgrade the firmware to v350 (if possible) to see if that will sort the issue or do you have any other ideas?



    I wish the activity in these forums as well as the Helpdesk section when posting a support ticket was as impressive as the Brunner products…

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