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    I’ve had this yoke configured and running successfully with P3D for quite a while, so it works fine installed as a serial device on COM3.

    I’m now trying to get it going in X-Plane 11 (demo) and I’m stuck. The cls2sim software connects to the yoke, and also connects to X-Plane. But X-Plane is insisting that I “calibrate” the yoke’s axes before it can be used in the sim, and the calibration app fails to “see” the yoke, meaning that moving the yoke in pitch and roll has no affect on any of the X-Plane calibration axes shown. Moving the yoke with X-Plane running also fails to move the aircraft’s elevators or ailerons.

    My 64-bit Windows 10 “joy.cpl” app shows the vjoy.device status as “OK”.

    I have installed, uninstalled, and re-installed the cls2sim software, v3.24.2 several times, making sure to also install the vjoy driver and the xplane plugin. I’m at a standstill; don’t know what else to check.





    Can you follow the guide in the link

    You do not need to calibrate the yoke in X-Plane
    Calibration is done in CLS2Sim
    As soon you stay on the runway you should be able to connect to X-Plane11


    Stefan Brunner



    Hello, Stefan- Yes, I thought that no calibration should be required and never had to do that with P3D. But now, X-Plane 11 is INSISTING that the yoke axes cannot be used without “calibration”. Something’s not right.

    The step-by-step you referenced is how I’ve been doing it. I’ll keep trying to figure it out.


    Dave Potter



    Stefan – Got it working now. I think the key was your “As soon you stay on the runway” comment – I was trying things while still in the intro screen, where I was getting the prompt to calibrate. I ignored the prompt, went to the runway, and the yoke controls worked.

    Thanks for the quick help.

    Dave Potter

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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