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    After going through all my processes, I seem to have discovered the problem. Indeed, it appears to have been due to a third party P3D program named VFXCentral (used to manage a couple of my P3D addons named ChasePlane and PrecipitFX). The program runs automatically in the background when P3D starts up, but remains open when P3D closes.

    I found that by terminating VFXCentral after P3D closes, I can restart P3D and connect the Brunner yoke just fine through CLS2Sim.

    So it does appear my issue is resolved. I just have to ensure that all third party peripheral programs are completely closed before restarting P3D. This is a minor nuisance, but not nearly as bad as having to restart my entire computer.

    Thanks for the help all the same!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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