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    Just installed the latest version of CLS2Sim (4.20.0) and noticed something I haven’t seen before. Lots of error messages asking me if the X-Plane plugin has been installed (it has) but also telling me the connection was refused by the target machine.

    Maybe this is not a problem and simply a result of X-Plane not running but can’t remember I’ve seen it in the past when starting CLS2Sim before X-Plane.

    Here’s an example what it looked like


    Diego Bürgin

    You can safely ignore this.

    Its essentially just saying that it can’t connect to X-Plane because either X-Plane is not running or the plugin is not installed.
    We added this additional warning because we had folks who forgot/did not realize they need to install the X-Plane plugin.



    OK, just as I guessed then.

    Thanks for the confirmation though.



    I am seeing this message too, but X-Plane is running, and I installed the plugin.
    I am new to Cls2Sim and have not gotten it working yet. I can connect to the hardware, but have been consistently unable to connect to the simulator. The first time it attempts to connect, it says “a connection failed because the connection party did not properly respond in a period of time, or established connection failed because connection host failed to respond.” After that it switches to the “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.”
    I used the plugin installer that came with CLS2Sim. The plugin appears to be in the right place per the Brunner YouTube video. CLS2Sim is running on the same machine as XPlane. I checked the Windows firewall, and both TCP and UDP appear to be open on all ports for CLS2Sim. I’m running on Windows 10 Pro with X-Plane 11.34r1 (build 113400 64-bit).
    Anyone have similar problems/ideas on how to solve them?
    Thanks in advance.



    One thing you could do if you didn’t already is checking log.txt in the X-Plane root folder and make sure the plugin was successfully loaded.




    In X-Plane11 the plane must be on the runway
    see also here




    I have the same problem. Before 11.34 everythinks ok, but now 🙁



    Hi Everyone,
    I have a similar problem. I’ve elected to post in this topic however I’m quite happy to start a new topic if the Moderators would prefer.
    I recently purchased the CLS-E NG Force Feedback Yoke and CLS-E Rudder. Initially I only connected the yoke but later the rudders via the CAN bus to the Yoke which is connected to the computer by the USB. I have read the documentation a number of times and believe the current installation has been done correctly. However, in troubleshooting I’ve made many changes, uninstalls and reinstalls. Currently I have the hardware connected as described. I wish to use the force feedback features and therefore have unistalled vJoy and instead using CLS2SIM. CLS2SIM sees all the hardware, roll, pitch, rudder pedals as force feedback devices and the brakes as analogue devices. However, CLS2SIM cannot seem to connect to X-Plane. (Yes it is on the runway.) The plugin is showing as active in X-Plane.
    X-Plane can see the pitch and roll control as well as at least some of the yoke buttons, even when CLS2SIM is NOT running. X-Plane has never seen the rudders or brakes.
    Win10 1903, CLS2SIM 4.23.3 Beta, X-Plane 11.36r2, XPlane10 Connector v6.2.3, vJoy (when installed).



    Update to my post above.
    I have now got CLS2SIM to connect to X-Plane after changing the IP on the Connections Settings page from localhost of to the actual IP of the machine. (I did that in the past but there were probably multiple other settings wrong!)
    I’ve started with Stefan’s Cessna 172 SP (CLSE-NG) from Profile Cloud.
    Thanks Stefan, nice job and a good starting point for me to experiment with the various settings.



    Hi all – after a couple of years of happy CLS-E operation I have faced precisely the same issues as above, ie “Is the plugin installed and enabled?” “No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it” etc…

    After contacting Brunner directly some time ago, on their guidance I have done the following (on several occasions):

    · Uninstalled/ reinstalled Xplane
    · Downloaded latest Brunner software
    · Made sure Xplane was not running
    · Installed plugin
    · Checked the “Xplane 10 Connector” folder is in the right place
    · Started Xplane, then CLS software, on the runway
    · (and checked the plugin is working from the top menu within Xplane, but not while trying to activate the CLS software to avoid confusing it)

    …Then I checked the firewall settings (inc disabling the firewall) and entered the IP of the machine in the appropriate CLS software setup.

    As this issue surfaced during my first experience with Xplane directly (I had previously been operating Xplane and FSX Steam Edition via Flyinside) I also tried reverting to FSX Steam (via Flyinside), to find the same thing.

    …On both programmes it will connect to the hardware (and initialise), but not to the flight sim. In FSX it gives no reason for failure – it just goes off to restart every few seconds. FSX also has its plugin installed, BTW.

    I have also been through all the “prerequisites” menu several times.

    Running this on Windows 10 with a more than capable PC.


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