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    CLS2Sim v.4.20.1
    GER1104 CLS-E yoke
    Firmware v362

    I am using the baron 58 profile from Stefaan Brunnner, only thing changed are the buttons.
    The turbulence setting is checked in the profile.
    Tried the default ramp setting of 5, 1 and 10
    i fly the default Baron 58 with REP from Simcoders in Xplane 11.33
    I find it strange that when selecting in Xplane weather a crosswind of 5 knots and a gust adding another 5 knots , I sometimes get a huge up or downdraft , so much that I have to push or pull the yoke to its travel limmits.

    The manual states that it is the aileron axes that is affected .
    I am not a real pilot, but it seems to be a bit over exaggerated?
    I thought this would be correct if one select turbulence in the sim, but not just a crosswind,
    BTW, this also happens with no gust, only crosswind, even at low windspeed.

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