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    CLS2Sim v.4.20.1
    GER1104 CLS-E yoke
    Firmware v362

    I am using the baron 58 profile from Stefaan Brunnner, only thing changed are the buttons.
    The turbulence setting is checked in the profile.
    Tried the default ramp setting of 5, 1 and 10
    i fly the default Baron 58 with REP from Simcoders in Xplane 11.33
    I find it strange that when selecting in Xplane weather a crosswind of 5 knots and a gust adding another 5 knots , I sometimes get a huge up or downdraft , so much that I have to push or pull the yoke to its travel limmits.

    The manual states that it is the aileron axes that is affected .
    I am not a real pilot, but it seems to be a bit over exaggerated?
    I thought this would be correct if one select turbulence in the sim, but not just a crosswind,
    BTW, this also happens with no gust, only crosswind, even at low windspeed.



    Have you got turbulence ticked in CLS2SIM as well? From my short time with this software I believe CLS2SIM turbulence is independent of Xplane.




    Hi Derry,
    Yes, ticked, otherwise there is no force feedback with winds selected.
    Now, I love this yoke, and the turbulence setting gives a great feeling of immersion.
    But there are some issues .
    This is my personal opinion and experience, and might be different for some one else.
    I flew a rectangle test circuit , heading 360/270/180/90 degrees, set the wind 5 knots, with gust up to 20 knots,from 360.
    a great difference, to see how the yoke responds.
    When the gusts is a one time gust, meaning it goes up to +/- 20 and back to 5
    And stays at 5 for let’s say 5 á 10 seconds , then the yoke force only kicks in when the gust is decreasing, when increasing it does not do anything ,
    When there are multiple gusts after each other, then the force stays during the duration of these gusts.variating from left to right.
    However, not always from the direction I expect.
    For instance, banking right from 360 to 90 degrees , and the wind coming from 360, I expect with the left wing being the upwind wing, a gust would lift this wing higher , so the yoke force should move it to the right, and I would feel the force when applying left aileron fighting the wind , sometimes it does, but sometimes it is the opposite, and i feel only the force after the right aileron input to compensate the over reaction .
    If I understand it correct the software reads the wind data from( in my case Xplane ) and randomly generates forces.
    If this is not the case than someone from Brunner must correct me or delete this answer because it is not positive comment and I do not want to offend anyone.

    However, if it is correct, then it would be nice that the wind data from the sim could match the yoke software , and the random factor is removed .
    It is odd that you see the nose of the plane go to the left in a gust, and you feel nothing , but feel a random force when the nose returns to it’s original position.

    One other thing is that I set the forces % from 1 to 40, and with a 2 knot wind get sometimes a 40% force feedback, the same as with a 20 knot wind.
    Therefore I have different profiles for calm and strong wind conditions ,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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