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    So I was finally able to make the CLS-E work in DCS along with my perfect working 6DOF platform. What’s puzzling is I can only get the FFB in f-14B or P51. (Actually all I have tried but works.) Unfortunately the F18 Module isn’t giving any FFB Data at all. It’s the newest module right behind the F14 so I wonder what could be the issue? Possibly something in the export.lua? Stoked to have any FFB in DCS now, but the f18 should work.. any ideas?



    I dont have this module. Are you absolutely sure it should give haptic feedback? its a 5th generation fighter and everything is digital. so FLy-by-wire. not analog like the f-14 or mustang.



    Flash, I would love to see pics of you 6DOF setup sometim but for now, where do I find the setup information for configuring my MKII Yoke and Peddles to DCS? I know a Joystick would be a better option but hey, at least I have the yoke. Appreciate all the help you can provide.

    Also, I have a Discord Server https://discord.gg/Jy4RjJ called FLIGHT SIMULATION. There a number of Brunner users there and a great place to discuss CLS2SIM and all matters Flt Sim. Please know you’re welcome to come by.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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