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    Now that Brunner supports DirectX FFB, does that mean that it could be used with for instance XPForce for MSFS 2020, instead of CLS2SIM? Don’t own a Brunner yet, so don’t know which is better or has most features, so just wondering if it’s possible to use both.



    I recently tried it, out of curiosity, and, no, currently XPForce doesn’t seem to be an option. It complains about not being able to create certain DX FFB effects. But even if it worked, my impression is that it’s not as comprehensive as CLS2Sim, which allows for A LOT of fine-tuning. XPForce uses the same method of getting data (SimConnect variables) and it’s also closed source.

    So, yeah, even if you could use XPForce with MSFS, I doubt that you would want to.

    The DX FFB support is probably most useful for older games that are not supported by CLS2Sim.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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