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    I have been working for a while now on creating a way that will make your Brunner joystick work in Flight games with DirectX support. For example, this makes IL-2 work with forces and it’s an alternative for DCS.

    I have been playing lots of IL-2 with this and I have reports of users happy with it in DCS. Some people are even using a yoke for playing driving games! You can think of this as a way of emulating a Microsoft Force Feedback 2.

    It requires buying an Arduino Micro (20$ but a 5$ Chinese clone will work fine), plugging it into an USB port and running this program. There are some instructions here but it’s all really simple to use:

    If any admin doesn’t want this link here let me know and I’ll remove it. Also happy to work with you to add this directly into CLS2Sim if you prefer.



    Wow – this is a killer feature for CLSE flightstick.

    Having directx based ffb for games (as well as more advanced direct support in those supported sims) makes this stick perfect.

    Your idea is really clever and I have my Arduino Micro on order, coming later in the week! Can’t wait to try it and will report back

    Thank-you for sharing your work!



    Thanks! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    That was exactly why I decided to work on it, I thought it was the only thing missing on the CLSE stick so I just started learning about USB, Force Feedback, Arduino… It has taken a while but I’m really happy with my Brunner now

    Let me know how it goes for you! 🙂



    Works exactly as one would hope, marvellous!
    It’s an amazing feeling using my Brunner in Battle of Stalingrad – THANK-YOU!

    To other people trying this –
    Once installed and connected, you still need to get it working in game, this is where I got held up..
    You have a clone of a joystick on the ardiuno, and you need to assign the game to the ardiuno.. So the key for me was to read the options on the wiki relating to delaying the ‘stick movement’ of the arduino! These explain the method of delaying the arduino reporting it’s position to the sim: so you move the stick, *then* click assign in game, because of the delay the sim only sees the late arduino signal. Works great tho.

    To get force feedback the sim needs to have the arduino as roll and pitch – not the CLSE joystick. Button binds can be to the CLSE as normal as there are no buttons on the arduino, just the two axis.

    Also – my settings in windows

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    In DCS it woked like a charm as when you select the input controller it lists out all the devises so I just used the Arduino controller for Pitch and Roll. Excellent effects ground vibrations whilst taxing, stall and buffeting, wake turbulence, trim effects. No weapon effects at all. It allows you to fly closer to the stall or wing drop based on the feedback, or better yet reduce stick input to reduce the loading. For flying warbirds I would say to is essential

    For Il-2, I set the pitch and roll axis in the control settings, but this was for the CLS-E joystick and was joystick_0. I then opened the devises file in the input directory and cut and paste the Arduino joystick to the 0 configuration, and the CLS-E to the setting of the Arduino which in my case was 7


    This works perfectly and now I have feeback – again no turbulence but this time weapons. I have made a couple of video’s one for weapons and one for the buffeting prior to stall, which hopefully you can see the effects – I am no YouTuber for sure 😂!AjnjfVEMwOnqjeNGTlAWFUARy9HtAQ?e=gJMlNu

    I have other bases and grips but this is the one I use all the time now, and they are gathering dust

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