Elevator authority issues

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    Hi all,

    I’m running Xplane11, a CSL-E NG yoke, CLS2Sim, and I’m using the payware Carenado B200 aircraft.

    I’m having trouble with the elevator, in particular, its nose-up authority. I’m posting here because I’m not entirely sure if the issue is related to the yoke, or simply that the Carenado B200 aircraft model is “wrong”.

    I’ve tried to configure everything in the CLS2Sim profile page according to Brunner documentation.
    I’ve also made changes to the PlaneMaker trim settings.

    Although my yoke seems to reach full forward-aft limits in the Xplane “joystick” settings page, I can’t get it to stall unless I trim the nose up.

    Trim “seems” to work fine. It applies the correct forces, and my trim indicator in Xplane is reflective of that. They match, and that all seems to be good.

    But why does my plane “pitch more” when I add trim? … The scenario is, I bring the aircraft to slow flight, trim neutral, I’m right back on the yoke, until it hits the stops, full back-stick, I hold it there and the aircraft wont stall. It mushes around 80 knots, then begins to descend, pick up speed and self-recovers.

    However, if, once back on the stops, I then trim “nose up” … the nose pitches up significantly more (it shouldn’t), and the aircraft actually stalls.

    What have I got configured incorrectly here?

    I’ve tried setting the Elevator and Aileron trim settings in plane-maker to 0 (as advised by documentation) but this only buggers with the autopilot, which then has a very hard time maintaining control.

    Am I missing something? I need a good chat with someone who knows this stuff inside out to help me determine

    a) Is my CLS2Sim profile set up correctly
    b) Are my Xplane settings correct
    c) Have I got the aircraft settings in planemaker correct?
    d) Is my yoke and trim working correctly?
    e) Is there a fundamental problem with the Carenado B200 flight model, and all this stuff is irrelevant?

    I should add that:
    1) I have the same problem with the stock standard C90 Kingair aircraft
    2) The problem doesn’t occur when I choose the standard Xplane Cessna 172? with floats
    3) The problem doesn’t occur when I choose a different free-ware B200 kingair

    Both the latter two seem to have adequate elevator authority right through to the stall. I don’t need to trim nose-up to get these models to stall.



    I have exactly the same problem as above only I am flying a piper pa31 carenado. Was there ever an answer to the above?

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