20.01.2023: Firmware v634 Yokes, Joysticks, Rudders, Cyclic & Collective

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    This firmware is for following products
    GER.1032 CLS-P Cyclic (new version from index 010F)
    GER.1104 CLS-E MK II Yoke (for previous version ask for firmware in Ticket System, newest is v387)
    GER.1137 CLS-H Yoke
    GER.1141 CLS-P Joystick
    GER.1147 BLDC Generic Axis
    GER.1158 CLS-E Rudder (all versions)
    GER.1160 CLS-E Joystick
    GER.1170 CLS-B Rudder
    GER.1179 CLS E NG Yoke
    GER.1219 CLS-B Collective
    GER.1224 CLS-P MK II Cyclic

    -The update works only over USB
    -Default values will be loaded after update automatically
    -If you are not sure about your device, the updater is safe wrong firmware can not be flashed.
    -Changelog is available under Help “Open Firmware Readme” as soon the updater is ready

    -Unzip the file
    -Connect your device over USB
    -Run USB Firmware Updater.exe
    -Click on Update Button, and wait until  Update status shows “Successfully updated” & “Succesfully loaded defaults”
    -Close the USB Updater

    In case of any troubles, open a Ticket and send us the log_(date).txt file in folder “log”

    The USB Firmware Updater with v634 you find here

    USB Firmware Updater

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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