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    Hi, I think this was raised previously, with no particular resolution, but I would like to raise it now:
    I am finding it quite difficult to work with X-Plane 11.5 and CLS2SIM with multiple monitors.

    The first problem is the font size is very small, almost impossible to read. The monitor which Xplane runs on is set to 3840×2160. The “change size of text, apps, other items” setting is set to 200%. The text in other apps appears ok but in CLS2SIM very small.

    The second problem is when I open a subsidiary window, for example the profile manager, the window does not appear on the screen of any monitor. In order to display it, I have to hover mouse over the app icon on the task bar, then select “maximise” for the second window. Now it appears maximised on my second monitor, and I can drag/move etc. But if I close the window and then reopen I have to do the same thing all over again. It makes it quite time consuming trying to tweak settings like force profiles.

    Any tips to help with this?

    Many thanks.

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