FS2020 ALPHA and connected FFB Working…HOW?

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    Posted from the FS2020 Alpha Insider Forum…

    “This is my first day with the Alpha build (work!) and I’m very pleased to say my CLS-E joystick is alive and well! All FFB that works in P3D is working in MS2020. I do not have VJoy installed only CLS2SIM and the P3D and FSX “driver” provided by Brunner. I think it essentially installs sim connect in your sim’s root directory. Since I don’t have FSX installed, it created an fsx directory under app data. Don’t think that is doing anything for me. I don’t even have FSX selected as my sim in CLS2SIM. My joystick works in MS2020 with P3D selected in CLS2SIM.
    All effects work. Engine vibrations, ground vibrations, approach to stall warning, trim center point moves with velocity. The stick “comes to life” as you accelerate for takeoff.
    Engage autopilot on the G1000 and the stick centers and moves as the plane maneuvers (not nearly like a yoke would, but it’s a stick.)
    For now I’m very pleased. I’m using firmware 444 and CLS2SIMv4.25.8.”

    I do not have P3D or FSX but only FS2020 Alpha and would like to replicate the above with my MKII and Rudder Peddles. The above user claims Brunner provided the Firmware 444 and the P3S and FSX Drivers. When I installed CLS2SIM 4.25.4 software I received a system screen to verify hardware and Only the Rudder was detected. I then chose p3D as the sim, following the above users suggestion, and still nothing inside FS2020, only the Rudder and it did move the Vertical Stab and Nose wheel and Brakes. I then uninstalled and noticed Windows APP still showed the Brunner in the list. Clicking uninstall reported it did not exist yet it still remains as though it is installed. I then installed 4.25.8 and this time did not get the Detect hardware Screen – it went straight into CLS2SIM.

    I am really confused by a number of issues that are not consistent with properly installed software in Windows – the Brunner remaining in the list and yet not present, why is Brunner not notifying customers of new Firmware, and how to obtain the P3D and FSX Drivers from Brunner. Nothing to this affect is listed in the Brunner Software page and having to request Firmware via the Help msg makes no sense. Why not list all software on one page for customers to choose?

    Stefan, please clarify. Thank you.

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