Hardware trim in the PMDG NGX causes the yoke to "drop" to the left/right

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    Been playing around with the trim setting in the NGX tonight and noticed that if I have the hardware trim option and the hydraulics enabled in CLS2Sim the moment I switch the ELEC HYD pumps on in the NGX the yoke will “drop” to the left/right.

    This doesn’t seem correct but maybe it’s just me doing something wrong.

    Any idea what might cause it?

    If I skip hardware trim and rely on software trim I instead have a problem where the yoke tends to move almost all the way back (towards me/pitch up) after setting the correct stab trim value for t/o. Another weird thing when using software trim and using the default keys assigned (HOME & END) only HOME/pitch down works while END (pitch up) doesn’t do anything.

    As you hear I could really need some help how to properly setup the trim for the NGX using the CLS-E yoke.

    Thanks in advance,


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