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    Hi all

    I have one ploblem.

    first, my computer installed list : windows10, P3D v4&v3, Ifly737NG v3.2.2

    -ploblem focus-
    Yoke won’t move when autopilot is engaged in the ifly737 in P3D

    so, i tested to ifly737& CLS2Sim.

    I think to CLS2Sim is guaranteed to work with aircraft that use the default autopilot functionality built into P3D.
    Some specialty 3rd party aircraft, however, implement their own custom AP functions, and the AP Follow feature may not work with these aircraft. This may include aircraft from PMDG, A2A,Ifly737, and possibly others.

    *AP Follow : Yoke move when autopilot is engaged

    and As a result
    CLS2Sim supported to [P3D : Basics aircraft use Simconnect variable] . *focus : autopilot system.

    Please make sure my understanding is correct?

    Based on these results, I contacted the development team at ifly737. The development team gave me a list of variables to control the movement of yoke and provided the SDK.
    I expect this to work with CLS2Sim.

    Can I implement the [Yoke move when autopilot is engaged] feature if I give the brunner developer an ifly737 SKD and variable list?

    I think,
    Users purchasing Brunner Yoke will have more people using specialty programs like PMDG, IFLY, and A2A than those using aircraft with only the basic features of the simulation program.

    I expect CLS2SIM to be connected to several programs and run. If you need the SDK and variable list mentioned above, please ask me.

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