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    Please help! I am new to this software and not a pilot, so I’m not sure what settings I should use for the C172 in MFS2020 when using the CLSE NG yoke. I have been able to connect (even with third party rudders) thanks to the instructions in the MFS2020 support thread and am using the C172 profile from Stefan Brunner. However, the plane consistently pitches forward on take off when the throttle is maxed. From what I’ve seen in videos, this doesn’t seem to be a common problem or something most users need to account for. As a non-pilot and new simmer, I’m not sure what the plane should feel like, so I don’t know what the proper settings are to adjust. I saw there is a profile for the C172 for the standard model yoke, so one for the NG would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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