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    Dear owners,

    I am about to pull to order the CLS-E yoke/rudder combo but I can hardly find sufficient information from the rudder owners. Pls share your experience WRT the rudder and whether it is a game changing compared to non FF ones.

    I have heard that there are problems with X-plane with dual props when there is an engine failure. Is it solved now?

    I have seen people say the yoke is the best upgrade they did on their sim but can’t find such a statement when it comes to the rudder.

    On a side note, has compatibility with MJC Q400 been resolved WRT/ rudder or yoke? My question is do these work normally outside not moving when A/P is on? I mean is there still FF action when taking off or landing manually? Or don’t they simply not work at all.

    I hope someone can enlighten me pls…

    Fly safe!

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