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    in his Yoke review on Youtube, Austin Meyer addresses a couple of valid concerns when talking about the feel of the CLS-E NG.

    Are you going to take him up on his offer to help you improve the software?




    Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum. Would love to fix it, but it won’t let me delete or edit the post now.



    Fix it? What’s wrong with it? I’m considering the Brunner FFB Yoke and peddles but I have to be honest, not much user feedback on value and performance. Is everyone pleased with their decision and just not a YouTuber?



    Lol. Calling Austin Meyer “just a YouTuber” is ludicrous. Mr. Meyer is the author of the flight simulator X-Plane, and is also a real world licensed pilot and aircraft owner.



    Watching this video is very misleading about the Brunner Yokes. First Austin demoed the lowest cost CLSE-NG yoke from Brunner and if he was seriously willing to review apples to apples he should have used the Brunner CLSE- MRK II yokes. He would have noticed the full elevator travel and Aileron movement as with the real aircraft. Second if Austin is a real pilot he would know that the elevator gets heavier the closer you get to the stall not lighter like he mentioned in the video. Third his comments about dampening is also misleading. I use to rig small aircraft as a mechanic and the tensioners in the cabling added resistance to movement and in some aircraft slowed the response when released. Not really noticeable but not like the rubber band yokes he used in the video in which they bounced when released. I never witnessed a Cessna Yoke bounce back and forth like those. If he were to have asked Brunner he could have adjusted that setting in CANopen software in the denumerator settings.

    Actually I operate a dual yoke system and it is used continuously by flight students who comment how realistic the feel of the yoke and rudder. I own all of the yokes that were featured in this video and nothing comes close to what Brunner offers. Yes they don’t have perfect engine vibration but at least they have it which is more than they can say for the other yokes. As for the stall if he had demonstrated the CLSE MKII yoke it would be more accurate stall indications. Again some feedback in the yoke is much better than nothing with the other yokes when teaching students. Austin wants to nitpick the way they calculate the vibrations he may want to take his own advice and look at his software shortcomings like incomplete G1000 G530 and G430 menus and functions. They are badly in need of a re-write.

    Austin has his own problems with menus and operation of Xplane which he refuses to take input on. In comparison Brunner is very good at service and support. They even allow this very critical and misleading video to be linked in their forum. I would challenge Austin to do the same.

    I have over 20,000 hours in military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft and the Brunner yoke and rudder system is by far the best I have used even when compared to some commercial simulators I have flown.

    I just wish Austin would listen about his Graphics menu and Garmin functions and fix those instead of wasting his time making half truth videos about yokes.




    Well said…..

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