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    I purchased my base before June 2019, so I need to send it in to get the solder job in still to have full compatibility with all the grips the CLS-E is supposed to support.

    My question, as in the title, is if the hardware fix will allow me to use the Realsimulator grip on this base? I’ve tried it as is, and the indications I’m getting, according to Realsimulator, are that the grip isn’t getting enough power.

    Does the solder fix boost the amount of power going to the grip? I’m not worried about all the buttons working, as they won’t. Only the standard buttons as on a TM Warthog will pass through the joystick base. All other buttons operate through Bluetooth from the grip to the computer.

    Link to the grip’s website:



    Nevermind, I have the answer. As long as you have the newer version of the CLS-E (after June 2019), the answer is yes, the RS F-16 grip will work. It acts just like a Warthog grip, and then, with the Bluetooth connection, has the ability to use extra buttons. Honestly, this combination is about the best you could hope to get with a home sim joystick, IMHO.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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