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    I have both the Yoke and the Rudders.

    As there is no “hard” power switch per se, are there any recommendations for whether to leave the units plugged into power when not in use?

    On the yoke, when I am done with a session, I select the “powerOff” and the “Off” buttons on the Yoke itself which, I assume, turns off the power and the LCD lighting. Is that the case or should I be unplugging each time?

    The rudders have no such soft switch… so should I be unplugging those from power when done with a session or does powering off the Yoke, since they are connected via Ethernet cable, turn off the rudders as well?





    Hi Paul,

    Until you get a more official answer from the guys over at Brunner I think I read or heard somewhere that you don’t need to unplug the yoke when not using it.

    What I do is pretty much the same as you describe with one exception. I’ve configured the motors for both the roll and pitch axes to shutdown on hardware disconnect. This way when I close CLS2Sim, the only thing left for me is to power off the display using the OFF button on the yoke.

    I would like to think if there was a reason to power off the yoke completely Brunner would have included some kind of power switch on the yoke and same thing for the pedals.





    Hi Paul

    We recommend to add a Socket strip with a power switch, and switch off the power completely

    You also can configure shutdown option see here
    When you disconnect the yoke from the Simulator/ Hardware

    Motors will switch off, but still standby power for controller will be used
    For CLSE Yoke about 8-15W
    For CLSE Rudder about 2-5W


    Stefan Brunner



    Just wanted to say thank you for the response. I have been wondering the same thing for some time.

    Is there any expected maintenance for the yoke or rudders over time(i.e. lubrication or changing out heavy wear parts?

    Thanks for your time and expertise on these products!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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