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    I have the CLS-E MKII yoke and pedals. My cockpit is running X-Plane11 and is modeled on the Rockwell Commander AC500s (shrike). The real aircraft has hydraulic nose wheel steering which is controlled by the first ~2cm of toe brake travel. You need to have the rudder neutral and you literally “wiggle” your toes to steer it. The maximum steering travel is 45 deg left and right of centre, so you can almost turn it on one main wheel. You can always tell the new pilot doing a conversion… they’re the one doing figure 8s on the apron.

    I would like to be able replicate this function if possible, as even using X-plane11 split nose wheel deflection/speed setting of 45 slow and 0 fast the sim is more of a beast with over-steer than real aircraft. I was hoping that there might be some raw position data (datarefs) that I can use to control the nose wheel steering and delay the brake operation by increasing the dead zone or flatten the response curve. The idea was to use some Airmanager Lua code to read the raw position values and drive the nose wheel steering. Unless of course there enough “Shrike Drivers” out there to persuade Stefan to add the functionality to cls2sim.

    All ideas welcome.



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