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    This relates to what settings to use when you push the “Special Rudder Settings” button in the lower left corner of the General Settings tab of CLS Profile Manager. Does anyone have any general guidance on the numbers to put in there?

    When I loaded the A2A c172 profile, the “Friction Force” and “Rudder Movement Scaling” numbers in the Special Rudder Settings were preset at 1000 and “standing still increases turning friction” was checked. The rudders were extremely hard to move even when up to 12 knots on the ground. I changed the scaling number to 350, with Friction Force at 250, with the “Standing Still Increases Turning Friction” box checked. This was more manageable, but I have no feel for what the “Friction Force” and “Rudder Movement Scaling” settings actually should be to mimic a c172, or for any other profile, as I do not fly in real life.

    Any general guidance/suggestions for numbers to use in the “Friction Force” and “Rudder Movement Scaling” entries for various types of aircraft would be greatly appreciated.

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