Should you make trim adjustments in Xplane 11 plane editor or not?

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    I submitted a ticket to Brunner about trim for the CLS NG Yoke. I mentioned that I had followed Diego’s video on adjusting trim in plane maker. In his response to me, Diego wrote ‘In X-Plane, don’t make any changes to planes via plane editor.’ So now I’m confused. Was that an old (redundant) video I watched?
    What is the correct thing to do for trim in Xplane?
    Thanks in advance.


    Diego Bürgin

    Hi Guy.
    Sorry for the confusion, I probably explained it wrong.

    For CLS2Sim 4.26.9 and later:

    Open Plane in Plane maker.
    Set Elevator trim angles to zero. (See attachment 1)
    Save plane.

    Go to CLS2Sim trim settings.
    Disable Hardware trim
    Enable Trim compensation for elevator.
    (see attachment 2)


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    Hi Diego,
    Thank you for the clarification. Does the trim modification (setting the value to zero) using Xplane Plane Maker apply to ALL aircraft, general aviation (GA) and commercial jets or just GA? Is it also applicable to all studio’s Carenado, Just Flight etc?
    Thank you,



    I think it depends on whether the aircraft has trim tab or stab trim.

    Most light GA types have trim tabs. For these types “elevator trim surface down then up” would need to be reset to zero
    Commercial jets and Piper Cubs have stab trim. For these types “elevator trim surface down then up” should already be zero.

    For trim tab aircraft, the position of the elevator control when in trim varies with airspeed.
    For stab trim aircraft the elevator control moves to center when in trim.



    Has anybody used Airfoillabs Cessna 172 with Brunner yoke? This is a trim tab aircraft but if you open it in plane maker “elevator trim surface down then up” is already set to zero. Therefore I presume the trim effects for passive spring center yoke is coded in a way that bypasses plane maker. In this case I don’t know if it could work correctly with the Brunner yoke.

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