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    When my CLS-E joystick connects to P3D AND I’m using a Profile other than default, I get the following message in the Status Box:

    26.02.2020 at 11:17:26 SIM-Error: Sequence contains no elements
    at System.Linq.Enumerable.Max(IEnumerable`1 source)
    at ​‌‮‏‍‭‌‏‌‬‫‍‌‌‬‎‌​​‌‭‏‏‍‮.‬​‎‌​‭‏‮‍​‍‌‭‪​‏‫‮‪‭‍‭‫‫‫‫‌‮(ClsProfile , Single[] , Dictionary`2 )
    at ‫‭​​‌‪‮‭‎‏‮‌‬‍‪‍​()

    This does not occur if I use the default profile. It only occurs when I use a custom profile. Though I can’t point to when it started, it didn’t do this in the past. Everything seems to work properly despite the message. However you don’t want to see an error message even if nothing is wrong. Are others seeing this and is there something that can be done to stop it?

    Thank you,
    Don Spence‏

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