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    I have some problems understanding certain settings related to speeds in the CLS2SIM profiles:

    – In version 4.20.1 there is the new setting “Dynamic Force Calculation” under General. IAS and TAS are explained in the HTML Help and I understand the pros and cons, but Calculated IAS is not explained (yet) and I wonder what the drawbacks of using Calculated IAS could be? It seems like the ideal setting to me (correct across altitudes and when pitot fails).

    – The Ground Effects have a setting Take-off speed, which is 100 for the “Cessna 172SP – Stefan Brunner” profile from the Profile Cloud. 100 knots take-off speed in a C172? Again, the setting is missing from the HTML Help, so I don’t know what it actually does and what value I should set it to for a realistic profile.

    – In the Axis force settings, on the Force Scale Factor tab, you can set the Max Speed. Is there a rule of thumb to find a good value for this setting? For the profiles uploaded by Stefan Brunner to the Profile cloud the Max Speeds are much higher than the VNE of the respective planes. 233 knots for the Cessna 172, 550 knots for the Cirrus SF50 etc. The max speed is about 50% more than the VNE of those planes. Is this a good value to use for the Max Speed if I want to make profiles for other planes?

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