TBM 900 profile (copy) by Brunner // switching of the AP leads to a deep dive

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    Hi Mr Brunner,

    may I ask you please about a profile which may exist for the CLS-E Yoke for the Hotstart TBM 900.
    In the Cloud there is a profile for the CLS-E “NG” with these details:

    TBM 900_Hot_Start_v2
    (CLS-E NG)
    CLS-E NG Yoke
    30.08.19 06:01:00 4.24.6
    Stefan Brunner
    profile for the TBM900 (copy from CLS-E Yoke)

    It says its a copy of the CLS-E Yoke.
    I wonder which of the CLS-E profiles in the CLS-E section is the basis for the copy.
    Did you copy from this:
    1. TBM 900 CLS-E 2.0 CLS-E Yoke 2 08.10.19 22:43:30
    or this:
    2. TBM 900_Hot_Start_v2 CLS-E Yoke 2 09.12.18 16:13:57

    We still have the problem unfortunately that the plane goes in a deep descend switching of the autopilot due to the trim is far in the down position.
    There is a checkbox in the AP or Trim section called “don´t put ap in pos…”, unchecking this box makes the dive much less, but having it unchecked the AP always go up and down in the pitch in a very unrealistic way. That´s why this solutions is not very comfortable.
    Did you overlook the profile you copied concerning this point, my be?
    I would like to try it, too unless it is a copy of one of the two I mentioned above. I loaded up the first and the second I already tried.
    Thanks a lot for your help Sir, the CLS-E Yoke is a dream and the TBM 900, too, I just would love to make a perfect profile. I am close but a stable level off flight with the AP on often leads to a crash after switching of the AP, what is a real pitty.
    Thanks for all your troubles.

    Herzliche Grüße vom Ammersee,
    Christian Teusch



    I forgot:
    The CLS2Sim version is the newest: 4.25.4

    What Simulator and which version of it you are using.
    X-Plane 11.40

    The Hardware and firmware you are using. (See info panels for each axis in profile manager).
    need to add later, excuse me



    Sorry gentlemen and Admin, please put my topic in the CLS-E YOKE section, I didn´t see that this is the CLS-E Joystick section, I am sorry, first time here 🙂




    1. (TBM 900_Hot_Start_v2)

    Open a ticket we will send you a firmware update

    Stefan Brunner




    thanks, I will do.

    Christian Teusch

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