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    Found an old thread about the PMDG 737 in MSFS where I started posting this but afterwards figured it might be better to start a new and fresh thread now that we finally have full support for the PMDG 737 in MSFS. With a Brunner yoke that will move in tandem with the yoke in the PMDG when the AP is engaged.

    Couldn’t be more happy about this but I do have one issue directly after playing around with CLS2Sim 5.3 since yesterday night. I struggle to find the settings to make the trim and AP disconnect work correctly.

    The issue I’ve been seeing is how disconnecting the AP inside the PMDG 737 in MSFS will mostly result in they Brunner yoke being out of trim. Making the aircraft pitch up or down, mostly up so far during my testing. Also, after having had the AP engaged and then disconnecting, the standard pitch trim down command in MSFS doesn’t seem to work any more. This seems to be a bit of an intermittent issue. Where I’m sometimes able to manually trim down a bit but then it suddenly stops. Not responding to my button presses anymore. I’ve noticed this after landing and vacating the runway for instance when trying to reset the stab trim to 4 units. Where I can get it to maybe like 5 units or so but then it stops in the way described.

    In CLS2Sim, I’m not using hardware trim. Since that would mean I wouldn’t be able to set the stab trim value in the PMDG 737. Since I need the trim buttons on the yoke to be in USB button mode. In order to be able to map them to the elevator pitch up/down commands in MSFS. Which in turns allows me to set the stab trim value in the PMDG 737.

    Very much looking forward to hear if you guys have been more successful finding the right way to make this new version of CLS2Sim work with the PMDG 737!



    Hi Richard,
    It is grandiose that with some consultation between PMDG and BRUNNER the joke is functioning again as in the very beginning. Chapeau
    I have no problem at all with the trim function. During climb/descent (in VNAV) I disconnected the AP but observed no abnormal behavior. So no pitch up or down. Everything functioned as you expect. You can always use my profile to test if it is in the CLS2sim software or if it is present somewhere else. Of everything the latest software versions are installed and for many other function I use Axis And Oh’s software interface by Lorby.



    Finally got it working after writing this post and messing around with all the different settings in CLS2Sim.

    Thanks anywat.



    Hello webmaximus,

    Because I have the same problem with my yoke and the PMDG B737 I would like to know the steps you took to fixed that problem.

    Thx in advance.



    Hello Chris,

    What exact problem are you referring to?

    Over here, things are working pretty OK right now I would say. Still room for improvements though. Which Diego at Brunner is well aware of. Where he mentioned he was hoping being able to invest some more time into this early this year.

    The primary thing I did over here to make things work at this point was to assign elevator/pitch trim up/down inside CLS2Sim rather than having these bound in MSFS. The issue still remaining though is how pressing the pitch trim up/down will not move the stabilizer but rather the elevator. Which of course isn’t how it works IRL looking at a 73.

    However, for me it’s working pretty OK despite this now when I disconnect the AP. The aircraft doesn’t pitch violently either up or down. I do however usually have to pitch down some to avoid having to constantly apply forward pressure on the yoke.

    Another thing that would also be very nice is having a difference in force required depending on if the aircraft has HYD pressure or not. This was working really nice in the Zibo mod in X-Plane and hopefully Diego will be able to make it work also in the PMDG 737 in MSFS.

    Not sure if this helps?



    Hello webmaximus,

    I was exactly referring to the issue with the AP disconnect which makes the aircraft violently pitch up in my case. When disconnecting the AP I can see in lower ECAM system page that the stabilizer is always in a pitch up attitude. This weekend I will try your steps to fix the problem.

    Thanx for the help.


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