Toe Brakes on Rudder Pedals not working with CLS E Yoke

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    Hi all
    since purchasing my yoke last year first I was having an intermittent problem of toe brakes on my rudder pedals not working but now toe brakes do not work at all I never suspected the yoke so never raised this issue instead I was looking for a solution by changing different makes of rudder pedals and reinstalling the xplane dozens of times in last 12 months or so but I could not solve this and just used the keyboard command B it only came out when I disconnected the yoke just as a trial and the brakes started to work for last 2 days I am using a borrowed yoke A(Honeycombe)and brakes have not failed at all so it is confirmed that the yoke is responsible for this issue can someone help me to sort this out I have emailed Brunner but they are closed until 10th of August and I am missing my flying thanks in advance



    Hello mushtaq:
    I don’t see that you ever got a response to your question. Did you solve the issue? I had this happen last year. After updating CLS2Sim to the latest version then the MFG Crosswind toe brakes would cease to work when CLS2Sim would connect to the Sim (Right Hand “Connect” button pushed to connect the CLS2Sim to the running aircraft in X-plane 11.55r2). Last year this self corrected when I updated X-plane.

    However, the problem with CLS2Sim program disabling the MFG Crosswind toe brakes has once again occurred after I downloaded and installed the latest CLS2Sim version 4.29.12. The previous fix of updating X-plane hasn’t worked. Disabling vJoy doesn’t fix the problem. Un-installing vJoy doesn’t fix the problem, Re-installing vJoy doesn’t fix the problem. In fact it doesn’t seem I even need vJoy installed (is that correct ???).

    Exact issue: I start X-plane 11, version 11.55r2, 64 bit, Open-GL, it loads just fine. I open the Laminar Research C172 and the MFG Crosswind rudder pedals control the rudder and toe brakes just fine (functionally and visually). I start the CLS2Sim and Connect via USB and Init just fine. Toe brakes still work etc. However, the instant I click on the Right Hand “Connect” button to connect CLS2Sim to the running simulator the CLS2Sim window gets smaller (barely readable font) and the toe brakes stop working (both visually and functionally). Rudder control remains intact. All the CLS2Sim controls seem to work ok.

    I have spent many hours researching and working to correct this and I am stymied. Your thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated as it seems CLS2Sim update has somehow broken my sim.

    Thank you,

    Gary S. Silver, M.D.

    Farmington, Utah, USA



    Hi all.
    I would swap the USB connection of the yoke for the Ethernet (CAN) connection. Then you have no USB conflicts with other hardware within the X-Plane software.

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