Toe Brakes on Rudder Pedals not working with CLS E Yoke

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    Hi all
    since purchasing my yoke last year first I was having an intermittent problem of toe brakes on my rudder pedals not working but now toe brakes do not work at all I never suspected the yoke so never raised this issue instead I was looking for a solution by changing different makes of rudder pedals and reinstalling the xplane dozens of times in last 12 months or so but I could not solve this and just used the keyboard command B it only came out when I disconnected the yoke just as a trial and the brakes started to work for last 2 days I am using a borrowed yoke A(Honeycombe)and brakes have not failed at all so it is confirmed that the yoke is responsible for this issue can someone help me to sort this out I have emailed Brunner but they are closed until 10th of August and I am missing my flying thanks in advance

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