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    I’m attempting to use the v1 protocol to control the autopilot, specifically the aileron axis.

    First, can I control the autopilot feature of the yoke by enabling AileronAPActive, and then writing the desired aileron position values to AileronAPPos?

    Second, how do you use the OverrideBitmask properly? Do you sent a packet with the command, address and value such as this to override the AileronAPActive, and then a second packet with the value to override?

    Command Address Value
    0x2A 0x1E 0x0020
    0x2a 0x16 0x01

    Of you you use a bitwise OR to combine the address and the OverrideBitmask (for instance 0x1E OR 0x20 = 0x3E) and then the desired value (for instance, 0x01 to enable)

    Command Address Value
    0x2A 0x3E 0x01

    Thanks for your help!


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