Video: Impressions of the CLS-E Mk II rudder (and the CLS-E Mk I yoke)

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    Hi, folks,

    For anyone who hasn’t gotten around to procuring a Brunner FF-yoke, this video is for you.

    I was supremely lucky and fortunate to win a competition and getting a set of rudders from Brunner in late 2020, and did a little video unboxing it:

    It has been collecting a few questions in the comments, and I’ve gotten PMs and emails from people asking for further info. Having postponed making the follow-up video that I mentioned in the unboxing,

    Finally, I got around to filming a new video.

    The video covers all the questions I could find that people have asked me, and I get to rant a little about my favorite subjects – handflying with the excellent hardware as opposed to watching it do its thing on autopilot.

    Here’s the new video, with hopes that it will be at least entertaining – and possibly useful:

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