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    With either of my grips on the base whenever I press an 8/4 way hat to any of the directional buttons I always get push + the directional button registering rather than what I would expect of just the directional button firing or push firing ONLY when I push down and not any of the directional buttons. I know other people who have a CM2 grip don’t have this issue so I’m wondering if I’m missing a setting somewhere or if my base is misbehaving.

    Also I noticed when I calibrated the axis on my Alpha (using CLS2Sim) that my pc didn’t actually honor the calibration and I’d have to re-calibrate using windows. Is that expected? If so I’m curious what the purpose of calibrating the axis in CLS2Sim is?

    CLS2Sim v4.28.2
    CLS-E firmware v503



    I have the same problem. I was told in support that they can’t do it, that all Virpil hands do it. It’s just that it won’t work properly. I bought the handle for about 280.- € only because they told me before that it will be compatible and now that it is not and will not be. So I went around the Brunner base and bought electronics from Virpil and connected the handle with the original Virpil electronics and now everything works as it should. Trim through soft in sim.



    In my experience calibration must be done in windows.

    @ashtoruin do you have the CM2 controller set in each aircraft profile? I got it working once I went into each profile and set the joystick type, then calibrated via windows. CLS must be restarted, and the stick power cycled after you make the change, and before you calibrate in windows.



    Hello all
    Open a ticket we will send you an update v508 for “Directional Hat + Push dual button press” issue
    We have done a workaround…(the data is trasmitted wrong in the grip)
    Stefan Brunner



    Hi everyone
    after firmware upgrade 509 the Constellation handle works perfectly. Great job now it’s perfect.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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