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    Hey guys,

    Just created a support ticket for this issue/question but figured I would ask in here as well if anyone else has seen the same issue and found a fix for it.

    I’ve noticed how the Virtual Joystick Driver used by CLS2Sim very often ends up in a ‘Not installed’ state whenever another USB connected device is connected/disconnected from my computer. For instance, I have the Varjo Aero HMD and what I’ve learned is how I always need to make sure that one is powered ON and connected before I start CLS2Sim and MSFS. If I power on the Varjo Aero after CLS2Sim, I often find myself in a situation where the buttons on my CLS-E won’t work anymore.

    When this happens and I bring up CLS2Sim and go to Profile Manager and the Buttons tab, I always find Virtual Joystick Driver in the state ‘Not installed’. The easy fix is to simply close CLS2Sim and restart it. However, it would be nice if there was a more permanent fix.

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