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    Hey guys!

    Waking this thread up since I’m again having issues with the Zibo mod in XP using the CLS-E yoke. In short, the problem I’m now having is twofold where number 2 is the most serious issue since it takes away much of the fun flying the aircraft.

    1. With the pitch axis enabled under the Autopilot tab, the STAB trim in the a/c is constantly adjusting up and down. Can be fixed as per the manual by disabling the pitch axis under the Autopilot tab in CLS2Sim. It’s a bit of shame though having to go that route since that also takes away 50% of the fun and realism during autopilot operations when the yoke only moves along the roll axis rather than both axes.

    2. When disconnecting the autopilot, you get the same problem the autopilot feature in CLS2Sim faces along the pitch axis with that option checked. However, when you get this issue in manual flight it’s your own inputs along the pitch axis that are affected. This makes it very hard to perform a good manual landing since the aircraft keeps “bobbing” up and down no matter how gentle you try to be on the controls. In short, the stability along the pitch axis is close to non-existent and you notice this more and more the closer to the ground you get. Then when you add some winds and weather into the mix, your landings start becoming really challenging where you have to fight not only the winds and weather, but also constantly the constant bobbing up and down.

    This has also been discussed in detail if you check the link below. Should also mention that this issue has been present before in earlier versions of the Zibo mod where it then disappeared in a later version. Now though, it has been there for quite some time and I can only hope Zibo will manage to fix it. A bit hard though since most people including Zibo himself don’t see this problem which I think might be because the CLS-E yoke communicates directly with the a/c via its plugin rather than via the control mechanisms in XP used by other conventional yokes. I’ve noticed how the CLS-E yoke even isn’t present in XP if you check the controllers section in XP.

    Maybe you could reach out to Zibo and discuss what could be a possible cause of this behavior with your hardware? Zibo seems to be a great guy who is more than willing to work with other developers to sort things out and further improve the overall experience for everyone. I really hope we will eventually have a permanent solution to this because both the CLS-E yoke as well as the Zibo mod are truly amazing!

    Here’s the link to the thread over in X-Plane Org’s forums discussing this issue ->


    The most current version of the Zibo mod I’ve been testing with is 3.29d available for download here ->


    The version of CLS2Sim I’m using is 4.9.1



    For anyone else with the same issue, you can find how to fix it over here or you could download my profile for the Zibo mod from the Brunner Profile Cloud.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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