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    Any news on compatibility of yokes with the newly released Xplane 12?


    We are also very interested.
    What is the progress?
    kind regards Mark Bouman



    I am aware of one fairly significant problem using the CLS-E yoke, which I noticed because in XP 12 the default C172 has a tendency to pitch down during take-off roll and then require a much greater pull on the yoke to rotate. Here is the text of the ticket I opened on the Helpdesk:

    “In X-Plane 12, using the default C172 (and most probably other aircraft), as soon as the CLS2Sim is connected, the elevator goes to the maximum down position and stays there unless moved by the yoke. Aerodynamic forces have no effect on it, whether engine running, parking brake on and increasing throttle; or, on the take-off roll.

    This can be verified by looking at the values of the 2 elevator data output, which go to and remain at -1 and 15 degrees.

    What is worse is that disconnecting the hardware in the CLS2Sim software does not change the situation; one has to restart X-Plane for the elevator to be released.”


    Hey Maurice,
    I noticed the behavior of the elevator two. annoying but correctable.
    Lots of pulling, and once in-the-air lots of usage of the trim-wheel.

    My worst problem is that I loos control of the nose-wheel during takeoff.
    above 35 knots ground speed the nose wheel deflection reverses.
    When give full feet on the brunner rudder-pedals towards the other direction no response and the aircraft runs off the runway on the left side.
    This is a non-flyable situation
    Like this I cannot fly X-Plane 12.

    I am not sure whether this is a software ISSUE, but for now there is no possible way to fly X-Plane 12

    I hope Stefan reeds this BLOG two, and has a solution

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