Yoke won't move when autopilot is engaged in the Zibo mod in XP11

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    as airspeedactive wrote is the Yoke with CLS2Sim 4.19.1 for GA’s (REP C172) too hard in movement and the airspeed which is shown at the CLS-E Yoke is approximately 100 knots higher than the speed in the plane. In the Zibo Boeing should be “hydraulic” selected so this doesn’t matter.

    Could this be corrected for GA aircrafts?




    @ webmaximus:
    uploading my settings.


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    Thanks for sharing!



    Hi All
    I am having a slightly different problem with my brunner yoke that on a slight movement of yoke during the flight with default 737 Lnav keeps disconnecting sometime cmd is also disconnects which is very irritating is there any solution to this problem i am new to xplane and with this issue i am not enjoying the brunner yoke in full
    Any help will be greatly appreciated



    Not really sure why you decided to wake up an almost one year old thread to explain a problem that doesn’t match the topic of the thread and on top of that, in a different aircraft as well.

    Anyway, if LNAV disconnects due to yoke movement, I’d say something is wrong with the logic in the aircraft. Which maybe wouldn’t be that far off to think since you’re in the default 737 which isn’t very sophisticated when it comes to systems modeling compared to some other 737s. Such as the excellent (and amazingly free) Zibo 737-800X mod.

    That CMD will disengage from yoke movement is normal and realistic. If you by movement mean manual input. If CMD disconnects when the yoke is “slaved” under the AP, that of course should not happen. Again though, I’d say it’s probably a limitation with the default 737. There were similar issues also in the Zibo mod in the past. In the new versions of the Zibo mod, it’s working all fine though. You also have the chance to configure the Zibo mod for using it with Brunner hardware to help the Zibo mod work correctly.

    So, my suggestion is you move away from the default 737 to the Zibo mod which will give you a much better and more realistic experience. Both in this regard but also in many others. Plus it will make it possible for you to get more out of your investment in Brunner hardware.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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